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Relocation Tips

Getting ready to move can be an intimidating task. To help you stay on track and make your move a little bit easier here are some tips for your convenience.

Stay organized
It is important to stay organized throughout the process. You can create a “move file” to help keep track of all important documents that you might need access to such as estimates, receipts, tax information, budgets for moving expenses, etc.
Staying organized can help in a big way so you don’t feel like you're in over your head or not in control.

Your new community
It is also a good idea to do some research if you're not already familiar with your new community. You can do some research online to look at schools and neighborhoods. The local Chamber of Commerce is usually a good resource.

Don’t forget
Before you leave, contact your utilities provider and local post office to disconnect or update your information. Think about magazines or newspaper subscriptions, gym memberships, etc. While packing take inventory of your items, decide what will be coming with you, consider planning a yard sale or donating your unwanted items.

Moving resources
Are you going to be using a moving truck? If so it’s a good idea to reserve one a few weeks before you move. As you are getting closer to finishing up packing, keep in mind what essentials you will be needing while moving and keep them in a spot where you have access to them. Check every room and cabinet one last time before locking up to be sure you have everything. Leave a note with your new address so if any stray mail is sent there the new occupants can forward it to you.

After the move
Once you get to your new community, remember to get a new drivers license, register to vote, new automobile tags, etc.

Make yourself at home!